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A Prolific Approach to Alternative Capitalization

USCAP specializes in crafting creative securitizations and other financing structures. USCAP has played a leading role in structuring groundbreaking transactions in a wide range of asset classes. Our broad expertise in securities and structured bank collateral enables USCAP to apply a multidisciplinary approach to structured finance transactions.

Insurance Backed Finance

This is a very simple structured finance option relatively low capital risk. The client has to have his business plan completed and ready to be converted into a prospectus for sale to exit markets looking for insurance backed stock. Contact us and we will provide greater detail on this financing option.

For 25 years, USCAP has been involved in both US domestic and global transactions, financing companies and projects via the ‘Structured Finance’ approach, with an emphasis on transactions that provide clients with long-term financing. Through partial credit guarantees, USCAP is able to provide credit and is often able to structure a capital markets solution for clients in an effort to diversify their funding sources away from the traditional bank market. In countries without a capital market, USCAP can structure financing solutions on a bilateral basis or with domestic financial institutions.

A Prolific Approach to Alternative Capitalization

The USCAP team provides expert experience and knowledge about maximizing value in the capital markets in the face of complexity and uncertainty. Clients include financial institutions, institutional investors, and corporations with a focus on corporate finance and structured finance. 

USCAP provides its clients with a strong, integrated structured finance service, covering a wide range of structures, including asset-backed securities, insurance-linked securities and collateralized debt and loan obligations. The firm has had a dedicated Structured Finance Division practice since 1994, and we have participated in the securitization of more than $600 billion in assets over the past decade.

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