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Laying the Pathway to Success

The success of the fundraise depends on much more than distributing PPMs and making phone calls to set up meetings.


The most successful fundraises are built on careful planning in the early stages of the process. USCAP emphasizes careful planning not only of the timing and steps in each stage of the fundraise, but also of the underlying structure and terms of the offering based on both market-driven and Client-specific factors.


USCAP has extensive knowledge of the prevailing terms and conditions used in many types of non-liquid alternative asset funds, including: buyout, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed debt, special situations, fund-of-funds, and real estate offerings. We draw upon numerous resources from our databases, research library, and industry relationships to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in fund terms, which is critical in an alternative asset market where the balance of power between the Client and Investors frequently varies based on both current market conditions and the profile of the fund offering itself.

Areas of Particular Attention in our Strategic Planning Process:

  • Assist Client and counsel with fund formation and structuring including, as needed, domestic and offshore parallel vehicles, 3(c)(1) and 3(c)(7) vehicles, UBTI blocking strategies, feeder funds, etc.

  • Advise Client and counsel on appropriate terms and conditions given current market conditions and the Client's potential level of influence for new and existing financing negotiations

  • Develop a customized fundraising strategy based on Client’s market differentiation and positioning

  • Advise Client on optimal timing of fund / PPM launch and each step in the process

  • Assess optimal process and timing for marketing to existing funds for re-ups

  • Identify most appropriate segments of institutional investor market to be targeted

  • Develop marketing timetable and strategy for prospective investors, consultants, and gatekeepers

  • When needed, introduce Client to well-qualified service providers specializing in fund formation and advisory services to alternative asset fund managers, including: attorneys, accountants, fund administration services, and recruiting firms

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