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Getting the Transaction to Market

Institutional investors have no shortage of potential fund managers with whom to deploy their alternative asset allocations. In a market in which investors are inundated with fund offerings, the professionalism of the placement agent, and its relationships and credibility with important investors, is a critical component to a smooth, successful fundraise.

USCAP staffs each placement assignment with its senior professionals, ensuring that the client receives experienced, thorough execution throughout the process and that all discussions between the agent and potential investors deliver a consistent, accurate, and positive image of the fund manager. The same USCAP professionals who lead the due diligence process also prepare the PPM, management presentation, and due diligence materials; solicit investor interest; plan and attend all roadshow meetings; follow up with prospective investors; and coordinate all responses to due diligence requests. This senior attention to each assignment provides seamless execution, more knowledgeable calls to limited partners, and a smoother process.

Areas of particular attention in our distribution process:

  • Identify, qualify, and prioritize institutional investors, consultants, and gatekeepers to be contacted

  • Distribute marketing literature, including the offering memorandum and cover letters introducing the fund opportunity, to prospective investors and their advisors

  • Follow up with multiple calls to each potential investor until interest in roadshow meetings is determined

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings and conference calls

  • Plan and coordinate efficient investor roadshows across the U.S. and overseas

  • Prior to each meeting, brief the fund manager on the investor's profile, allocations, investment criteria, experience, and knowledge of the asset class

  • Attend all planning meetings and take detailed notes as to particular issues raised or follow-up information required

  • Identify specific issues arising during roadshow meetings, modify fund manager presentations accordingly, and deliver requested follow-up information as needed

  • Follow-up calls and meetings to ascertain each investor's interest in proceeding with further due diligence

  • Deliver complete investor due diligence package to investor as appropriate

  • Coordinate all investor questions and requests, including responses to custom due diligence questionnaires and RFPs, as needed, for certain investors and consultants

  • Coordinate on-site visits at fund manager's office

  • Explain and discuss fund terms or conditions that may present potential issues for certain investors as needed

  • Coordinate any resulting partnership amendments or side letters

  • Solidify investor interest and coordinate execution of documents and fund closings

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