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Private Equity | Venture Capital | or US Capital...?

Equity...a challenging prospect for any entrepreneur, business owner or company looking for capitalization. It typically means giving up most of the equity shares (issued and outstanding stock) in your company to venture capital or private investors and therefore losing control of your ownership, just to get your project or company funded - whether it is project financing, capital expansion, corporate growth, M&A, etc.

There is an alternative, however, that does not require giving away your control, while benefiting from the equity option (i.e. not having a monthly debt service - which is typically a drain on your cashflow) and retaining ownership and control on your majority shares.


Our private equity division is a highly resourceful, results-driven team of professionals who work to provide our clients with the key strategies and tools that help them to succeed: transaction execution expertise, financing expertise and critical strategies and insights gained from years of successful experience in the firm’s core business sectors.


This combination of industry leadership, deep sector expertise and proven long-term growth strategies drives business transformation that maximizes equity value.


Over 75 Partner Firms, Incredible Performance

It is possible to enhance your balance sheet with rightly structured equity infusion while keeping control of your company or project. Our ability to orchestrate private investments in a wide range of industries in growth-oriented businesses play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential and enhance their performance by providing private equity capital and operating support to strong management teams. Our ability to help client  companies grow their businesses, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions or upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy is central to our private equity operations.

Whether it is dramatically increasing the value of investments or achieving high returns is typically attributed to a number of factors: high-powered incentives both for private equity portfolio managers and for the operating managers of businesses in the portfolio; the aggressive use of debt, which provides financing and tax advantages; a determined focus on cash flow and margin improvement; and freedom from restrictive public company regulations.

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