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Business Alternative Financing

Private Money | Hard Money | AR Financing | EB-5 Financing

Our Private Money lending partners serve California and specialize in short-term real estate based financing for commercial, multi-family, and mixed-use, bridge loans and construction loans. Our process focuses on fast closings and competitive pricing as we finances real estate transactions with private investor capital, due to challenges in the U.S. credit markets.

If, for one reason or another, you don't qualify for traditional Bank Financing, due to bad Credit, or the property doesn't meet the Bank's standards, or if you need short-term financing and don't want to go through the hassles of a Bank Loan, then we are here to fill that need.

We work with Seasoned Investors with loan amounts up to $100,000,000 and we work with the beginner investors. 

Loans for:

1. 1-4 family homes for flipping, improvements, college etc. 
2. Apartments
3. Land (Raw and improved)
4. Commercial buildings
5. Mixed-Use Properties
6. Construction Loans
7. Agriculture Loans
8. Second Mortgages
9. Commercial Land
10. Probate Loans
11. Combination Loans with seller financing
12. Condos 
13. Fast Cash on any property

Accounts Receivable (AR) or Invoice Financing:

- Fast & Easy application process
- Approvals up to 85% – 90% of outstanding receivables
- Approvals based on receivables, not business revenue
- Approval and funding in as little as a day
- No personal credit restrictions


EB-5 Programs:

USCAP partners & advisors provide risk analysis, due diligence analysis and verification process is designed to provide project developers, issuers, Regional Center principals, investors, attorneys, advisors and marketing agents an independent third-party identification and verification of the various risks involved with the project’s ability to achieve two objectives:

1. That the economic activity generated from the creation, expansion, restructuring or preservation of the asset will be sufficient to create sufficient employment to satisfy USCIS regulations within the required period of time and as outlined in the business plan and economic impact report.

2. That the value of the asset created or saved will be sufficient to return capital to all investors and creditors in a reasonable period of time and that the exit strategy is clearly is defined and achievable.

To this end analysts and contractors will assign a grade to the probabilities of the variables associated with the investor’s immigration and investment goals as noted above.  The result of this risk analysis and due diligence will be a better understanding of the risks and probabilities to achieve the investors goals and objectives through investment in the asset being analyzed.

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