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In addition to providing comprehensive capitalization services, USCAP offers solutions for projects that may be non-traditional in scope or context. Depending on the capitalization needs & structure, other projects we may have in process, we can orchestrate potential long-term relationships with investment managers. Investment managers in the past have, for example, chosen to utilize USCAP for preparation and development of the offering memorandum, investor presentations, and/or targeted placement assistance. We maintain a robust, interactive database of investor relationships. Our knowledge of current market trends, coupled with our expansive proprietary database, enables us to identify and pursue specific investors or groups of investors.




USCAP is an institutional-grade, highly trusted firm that provides a variety of capitalization options to Clients, including debt, equity, mezzanine, structured and private money financing to our Client-base that require it, including companies, projects and real estate investors. When traditional financing and loan products are not flexible enough to meet investor’s needs, USCAP’s capitalization options offer quick and easy asset-based funding with minimal paperwork. We offer very competitive pricing and a vast array of products and understand the importance of each transaction and will ensure that your financing gets done without harsh requirements. Based on Irvine, CA, our private money specialists are always ready to assist you.




Unlike traditional banks, our streamline approval process makes it much easier to qualify for our loans. Also, the time it takes to get your loan approved and funded is much faster than traditional banks. Stated income and equity-based solutions also allows us to work with a wide variety of borrowers who may not qualify for traditional bank loans.



USCAP deals directly with investors to fund private money loans. Our executive team has spent many years building up our established network of private money investors. We work with mortgage brokers, bankers, real estate professionals and investors who share our responsible approach to lending.

We also specialize in unconventional projects & property types, including unconventional scenarios and unique situations. We are able to provide capital to many property types and projects and to borrowers that traditional lenders are unwilling to work with. We look at the whole picture and are not restricted by traditional lenders rules, regulations and ratios.



We offer a variety of programs to accommodate any transaction you might present to us. You are now able to deal with a “one stop” company for all your needs. Our fix and flip program allow us to orchestrate lending options based on the property’s market value, not the purchase price: We also offer longer terms for rental and commercial properties.



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