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Dedicated to the Client, USCAP’s due diligence review includes,

as applicable:

  • Studying the investment strategy & approval process

  • Evaluating market conditions for the investment strategy

  • Analyzing and verify track record cash flows & unrealized valuations

  • Evaluating performance, future potential, and valuation methodology for unrealized investments

  • Evaluating group background, history of personnel departures or hires, and impact on track record attribution

  • Personnel background reference checks & independent references

  • Assessing Client's contribution to investment value creation and portfolio company progress

  • Assessing Client's competitive advantages in sourcing unique or proprietary deal flow

  • Identifying differentiating characteristics of the Client from competitors

  • Identifying and addressing potential obstacles, if any, to a successful fund-raise


Both the Client and our investors benefit from this approach. The Client's time is used more efficiently during the fund-raise, as USCAP is able to address most investor questions and information requests directly. Likewise, investors benefit from access to the extensive due diligence materials prepared by USCAP, conserving the time and resources of the investment officer staff and enabling the institution to expedite its decision-making process. Additionally, our due diligence assists the Client in identifying any potential obstacles that may arise in the course of marketing either the Prospectus, the PPM or the fund created for the transaction and in preparing appropriate responses in advance.

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