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Our Real Estate Capitalization operations are highly integrated, diverse and guided by a team of professionally astute executives.

US Capital provides borrowers the opportunity to obtain private loans for the purchase of all types of real estate transactions such as Rehab Loans, Investment Property Loans, New Construction Loans, Fix & Flip Loans, Short Term Loans, Residential and Commercial Loans.

Our real estate team is one of the few capital expert teams exclusively dedicated to the real estate industry, bringing to bear deep insight and expertise in real estate private capital markets.

US Capital (USCAP) is a top-tier global private equity financial advisor and consulting firm with services tailored to high-quality real estate investment managers and operators. Our team executes a variety of capital-raising and advisory options within both the debt and equity markets on a global basis. The strategies consistently focus on managers with a proven ability to create and add value to the transaction.

Managers are selected from the firm’s extensive network of relationships with domestic and international sponsors. After a thorough evaluation of the managers and their strategies, USCAP provides sponsors with guidance and expertise in real estate finance & structuring and assists its clients in identifying appropriate long-term, sophisticated institutional property investors, worldwide, with whom they can partner and grow.

USCAP's real estate division operates as a diversified real estate investment arm of the firm operating as a property finance, acquisition and development enterprise, specializing in providing investors with above average returns while carefully controlling investment risk. Our team engages with our clients as a real estate investment firm, focused on the creation, promotion and subsequent asset management of property investment vehicles on behalf of both institutional and private clients, offering a wide range of property investments and asset management opportunities across the global real estate market.

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