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PubCo Financing Programs

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An opportunity for access to a variety of capital raise types; our firm puts the Client in control of their destiny by creating the process for the raise and their equity or debt financing with the Client involvement via our Advisory Services and Capital Consulting team. This service is executed via the acquisition / merger with a reporting public company (PubCo) which is restructured to the needs of the Client.

Our  PubCo


PubCo Financing

From the initial Seed Round to Mid-Tier funding such as PIPE, Reg CF, Reg A+ and to the IPO, we provide capital solutions and capabilities and resources that ensure success for your capital raising process.


Mid-Tier Capitalization

Whether via PIPE, Reg CF, Reg A+ or Private Placement, our Capitalization Team is primed to provide the required solutions to your company's unique capitalization needs. You are in control of the process and outcome and we will structure your program to ensure continued capital.


Investor Procurement

Via private equity firms, home offices, investment banks or hedge funds, our team works with some of the best in the industry to ensure your program success


Top-Tier IB Team

Our Investment Banking (IB) team is comprised of experienced, licensed investment bankers who work to ensure your financing and capital raising success by structuring your program in the right way.


Top-Tier IR Team

Your legal (securities), broker-dealer, and investor relations teams are selected based on your firm's unique needs and capital raising proclivities. Be assured of our ability to get you the markets needed, whether US-based or international markets.


PubCo Management

Once your go public and tender the IPO, you are going to need some hand-holding through the process of going and maintaining your listing; we are here to help.

Reach out to your Account Manager to discuss the options available to your for going public and managing your public offering.
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