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Securing the Pathway to Funding

Working side by side with the general partner, USCAP utilizes all information gathered in the due diligence, strategic planning, and premarketing phases to produce the offering memorandum and related marketing materials for the fund.


We have substantial experience in preparing succinct, compelling manager presentations for use in meetings with prospective investors. We work with the client to produce the presentation, in addition to providing valuable coaching to the management team in order to refine the marketing pitch in advance of investor meetings.

USCAP also prepares a comprehensive due diligence package which is distributed to interested investors as a supplement to the offering memorandum. Our attention to detail and comprehensive, accurate disclosure of information needed by exacting investors has become a trademark of the firm and one of the reasons institutional investors and consultants appreciate being included in our distribution network.

Areas of Particular Attention in our Preparation of Materials before and during the Fundraise:

  • Draft Private Placement Memorandum

  • Assist counsel in development of the limited partnership agreement

  • Develop accurate, comprehensive, and effective marketing presentation

  • Critique team's presentation prior to commencing roadshow

  • Compile and produce necessary elements of a supplemental due diligence package, including: FAQs; cash flow detail to support the track record; qualitative and quantitative detail on historical transactions comprising track record; analysis and benchmarking of the manager's prior investment funds; firm background; resumes of professionals; references, etc.

  • Address all other investor questions, including coordination of responses to investor questionnaires and RFPs from consultants and gatekeepers

  • Throughout the process, prepare and distribute updates for investors on the fundraise and notices of important developments in the current fund's initial portfolio, if any, and significant events in the portfolios of the manager's prior funds

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