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Financing Strategy

Our financing strategy incorporates a set of rules, behaviors & procedures, designed to guide the capitalization of an investment or lending opportunity. We apply different tactics and strategies to different projects.


Financing Feasibility

Before considering capitalization, lenders and investors require a feasibility study, performed by an independent third-party consultant who specializes in analyzing the performance of the company / project to determine if the proposed financing is economically feasible.


Notebook and pen
Business Planning

We review the business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame that these goals need to be achieved in order to develop the best strategy for presenting the capitalization opportunity to our financing partners.


Credit / Debit Cards / Merchant Srvs
Bond Issuance, Structuring & Planning

Whether it is a Merchant Cash Advance, short term loan or an audit & restructuring of its credit/debit card fees and utility fee schedule, USCAP provides guaranteed savings on both card & utility transactions. Simply provide us with your statements and our expert team will conduct a fee-free audit and provide a proposal of guaranteed savings as much as 25% or more on your card services and as much as 40% on utilities.


Our Structured Finance team offers collateralized, convertible corporate bond offerings (that can be rated or unrated) that typically involves the issuance via a public company and allows the bond holder to either hold the bond and receive the coupon or convert the bond into free-trading shares of the issuer.



US Capital, in concert with several partners, provides leverage capital for a variety of investment grade and principal protected funding transactions.  


These include but are not limited to:


  1. Investment programs / trading platforms / matched trading.

  2. Funding against or monetization of investment grade notes.

  3. Capital funding secured by documentary letters of credit.

  4. Commercial projects that are backed by financial guarantee bonds.

  5. Credit / Withdrawal facilities where permitted investments are defined as replacement collateral acceptable to the financial institution.

  6. Bridge and Mezzanine financing where there is an acceptable investment grade takeout.

  7. Balance sheet enhancements including show money, proofs of funds, etc.


Over the last 20 years this division and its partners / associates have provided over $250 Billion in capital to our clients.  Because of the 25 to 1 leverage we provide, this remains our most active and highest volume area of business.  The key principles to remember when considering use of this capital are:


  1. Our funds must remain in an investment grade or principal protected position.

  2. The contemplated transaction must be legal.

  3. You must have the ability to cover the initial cost of capital (usually 5 points).

  4. We can place capital in almost any domestic or international financial institution that is rated investment grade (A1/P1 or better).

  5. If you have a foreign corporation we can often place capital in an account in your name.


Utilizing our own capital (&/or assets), individual, private, and institutional capital, our minimum size transaction is $5.0 Million and we can handle transactions well over $500 Million.


If you have a transaction that you think can utilize this capital you should contact us via your finance associate. We have considerable experience and expertise in capital markets and finance.  Combining our expertise and creativity we will work to ensure a good fit between your transaction and our capital. Once we agree with you to proceed, we will provide details regarding our simple process for moving forward expeditiously.  

Our associated partners maintain Prime Broker Status with several major financial institutions, operate as QIB’s (Qualified Institutional Buyer), and have access to several TFI (taxable fixed income) desks at the major brokerage houses. We also have considerable experience in bond underwriting including 144A offerings.  

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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