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Talking to the Money

Our objective is to help each client establish a foundation of quality investors by expanding and diversifying the team's existing investor base. As the alternative asset market has grown, so has the need for regular communication with the investors who currently support the fund manager, as well as with those investors who may consider investing in future funds. Regular dialogue and the provision of timely, accurate updates are essential to developing lasting relationships between investors and management teams. For general partners with a clear focus on new investments and managing portfolio companies, this process can be a distraction to sourcing, closing, and managing portfolio investments.


USCAP assists the fund manager's investor relations process and further promote close ties between partners. Discussing the fund's investment progress and financial performance are key aspects of such relationship management. Investors, in turn, often wish to contribute their own feedback and suggestions regarding portfolio development, strategic advice, interest in co-investment opportunities, or other matters. The investor relations process should not be confined to existing limited partners.


Many investors will be unable to commit to a fund but may wish to monitor a team's progress, with the intent to invest in a successor fund. Again, USCAP can facilitate this dialogue on behalf of the general partner and increase the market's awareness of - and future interest in - the fund manager's subsequent offerings.

Areas of Particular Attention in our Investor Relations Process:

  • Ongoing support of Client relationships with closed investors

  • Continued communications with prospective investors for the Client's subsequent funds

  • Distribution of notices regarding Client operational or portfolio developments

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